TimeTravel drive time data

Accurate driving times and distances between postcode sectors and districts

Being able to estimate the time taken by your customer to drive to your location or the accurate mileages for your delivery routes will increase efficiency. Our TimeTravel drive time products can help.

Accurate drive times and distances

 You want to know:

  • Postcodes within 40 minutes' peak time driving of your offices
  • The number of households within 50 miles driven distance

 You want to provide:

  • A "where is my nearest?" function on your website
  • Franchise maps based on driving times
  • Travel time estimates for your HGV fleet

You need to calculate:

  • Point to point mileages for fuel accounting
  • Charging bands for delivery services
  • Territories based on travel distance rather than crow fly distance


20 minute drive from the centre of York

20 minute drive from the centre of York

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Area to area

A data product calculating drive times and distances from every postcode sector in the UK to every other sector. Can be imported into databases such as SQLServer, mySQL or Oracle. Times are based on road speeds for peak time, off peak time and HGV use. The data is modelled to include ferry routes so all sectors can be reached from all others.

Postcode sector based isochrone built using travel time

Postcode sector based TimeTravel drive time isochrone


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Point to point

Web accessible service to calculate best times and distances between two postcodes.
We use an on the fly calculation as an all postcodes to all postcodes data table will be too big to store or use. Read a blog on Postcode to Postcode Drive times.


Point to point shortest drive time example

Point to point shortest distance


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Making TimeTravel

TimeTravel is calculated from up-to-date postcode data, detailed road networks and speed tables for peak, off peak and HGV travel speeds. The travel times take into account road types and locations, road restrictions, congestion charging, tolls and estuary crossings. Beacon Dodsworth have modelled ferry crossing times and distances across the UK. This means that it is possible to get a representative time and distance between every pair of sectors (e.g. YO30 5) in the UK.

Mapping the number of ferry journeys and average mileage from York sector YO30 5

Number of ferry journeys and average mileage from York sector YO30 5


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