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Analyse your customers and prospects

Automotive dealerships and car manufacturers use our mapping technology and people classification to understand customers and prospects surrounding dealerships, plan marketing campaigns and advise customers on their nearest dealer.

Prospex enables them to find similar people within a dealer catchment to advertise to. By importing customer postcodes into the mapping software and running a people classification such as P² People & Places, similarities in their characteristics and lifestyles are identified.

With Prospex, car manufacturers plot their dealer locations, competitor locations, transportation networks and customer locations to evaluate sales potential in each area. Media catchments are displayed over dealer areas to assess the best media to target their customers and prospects.

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Plan fleet distribution

Our drive time matrix, TimeTravel, is used by independent leasing companies to plan and calculate the cost of delivering their fleet cars.

Direct customers to their nearest dealership

TimeTravel is incorporated into call centres and company websites to quickly inform customers and prospects of their nearest dealership.

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Forecast sales

Car dealerships identify gaps in their current dealer network and profile
customers to calculate potential
  of any model with our
software. They also gain insight
into local dealer areas with
regards to the target audience
and the actual population, using
demographic information such
as age and income.

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