Ensuring outstanding customer service through up-to-date and easy-to-integrate driving data

Using our Drive Time data to provide accurate web & call centre solutions


Don’t you just hate it when you need to ‘find your nearest’ but the website you’re using displays the distance in terms of ‘as the crow flies’ rather than the actual driving distance or time it will take to get where you want to go? We do.

Knowing how easy it is to integrate an accurate and up-to-date distance calculator into any website; it’s definitely one of our pet peeves when people don’t go this extra mile to offer improved solutions for their customers. And Denison Automotive, the automotive internet solutions specialists agree…

Denison Automotive is the latest company to join Beacon Dodsworth and offer their clients (in this case a leading car dealership) accurate, up-to-date and easy to integrate driving data.

Knowing that many people will only travel so far when looking to buy a car, having detailed driving times and distances is key to ensuring the service meets customer needs and drives footfall to local dealerships.

Denison Automotive chose to partner with Beacon Dodsworth to get ready-to-use data without the hassle and hard work of having to calculate distances from grid references themselves (as they were previously doing with a combination of Post Office and free data).

Additionally, Denison Automotive benefit from BD’s data maintenance and manipulation experience whilst remaining the key contact for their clients and offering them solutions above and beyond their traditional product offerings.

Julian Perry, Managing Director at Denison Automotive, praised BD for the ease of use in which the data is supplied from BD stating; “we simply take the raw data and upload it into a MySQL database. The data is available in a logical useable format and at a reasonable price. It meets our customer needs and adds value to our existing service”.

To find out more about how BD can help you meet your customers’ needs or answer your customer's find your nearest outlet , get in touch today or try our 'where's my nearest' web app for yourself!

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