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Mapping technology continues to develop throughout the finance industry.

This is particularly true in the insurance sector where it can be applied across the board from sales territory planning to risk management.

Understand your customers

Financial service organisations use our products to discover the purchasing habits of their customers which are then used for cross-selling and targeting their marketing more effectively.

Plan sales territories

Financial organisations plan their sales territories with our mapping software, Prospex. They enter their requirements, such as the number of account visits, driving time and customer locations and the software creates a set of balanced and compact territories for each financial adviser.

Improve the quality of your underwriting

We have improved the quality of the underwriting for one of the world’s largest general insurers by developing a bespoke software system that enables them to accurately predict the risk of certain ‘perils’, such as flood on commercial properties.

The Ordnance Survey now has digital map data detailing information such as the weight, width and height restriction of road bridges in the UK. Used in conjunction with our mapping software, insurers can use this data to accurately model risk, for example from flood, subsidence and windstorms.

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