Geographic and socio demographic mapping and
analysis software for the health industry

Our clients within the health industry range from public health authorities to private organisations serving the health sector.

They use our products to understand resident populations and their health needs, plan social marketing campaigns and manage sales territories.

Understand resident populations

Primary Care Trusts and health research bodies use our mapping software, Prospex, to visualise patient flows, referral patterns and areas with high disease incidences. With this information they monitor trends and plan services with a greater understanding of the characteristics and needs of their local population.

CCG boundaries

The NHS has undergone a major change with responsibility for primary care in England moving from Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to the new Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). We have boundaries for the new CCGs as well as the PCTs these replaced.

These can be supplied on their own or with other administrative boundary data. You can use this to understand the overall relationship between health and social care and drill down to see detailed patterns of need and communities' structures.   Look at the ward and lower super output areas on our web page AdminView administrative boundaries.

GP prescription data

We regularly download the open access GP prescription data from the website of the Health and Social Care Information Centre. This is a very large dataset that gives counts and values  of the prescriptions issued by GP practices each month. At approximately 10 million records per month it is a large dataset, which can be impractical for everyday use. We can supply extracts broken down by prescribed chemicals and/or months in convenient data formats.

We can also supply the boundaries for Strategic Health Authorities, and PCTs,which are coded in these data sets. PCT boundaries are now of historical interest but coded in the data, allowing maps to be drawn. See Demographics: Prescriptions by GP Practices.

We supply the data modelled for the patients of GP Practices by administrative regions and postal areas. See Visualising demographic data: GP Prescriptions.

Assess health needs

Health authorities identify and map the prevalence of health conditions and healthcare inequalities in their areas using a geographic information system such as Prospex and the P² People & Places people classification. This information enables them to assess the variation in healthcare needs and thus tailor their service provision across the local population.

Determine core areas for services

Prospex is used by NHS Trusts to find the best locations for new clinics, taking into account transportation links, the type of people that live in the area and competitor services.

To assess the need of additional hospitals, Benenden Healthcare Society used our bureau service. We mapped the provision of hospital services for their members in order for them to make informed decisions.

Healthcare & social marketing

Public health authorities use the P² people classification for social marketing campaigns to work out the best form of communication for maximum engagement with the target group.

Our mapping software is used to plan the provision of healthcare information to doctors’ waiting rooms and pharmacies in the UK.

Distribute healthcare funds

Patient Access Solutions, a subsidiary of Equity Solutions, provides management consultancy services to the NHS and independent healthcare sectors. They use Prospex and P² People & Places for the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) projects where they analyse health needs and provision to decide how to fairly distribute funds to primary care premises.

Plan sales territories

Pharmaceutical companies selling
medical products to the health
sector use our GIS to plan their
sales territories
in order to reach
the maximum number of clients in
the minimum amount of time.

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