learndirect wanted to locate young people who would benefit from their services. They started their search by using demographic data

With a mission to transform the skills and productivity of the working population through technology, learndirect is one of the most successful large scale learning & assessment companies in the UK.

The Challenge

With the economic downturn still rumbling on, people are finding it increasingly difficult to find work. With 23 people applying for each position, competition is fierce. So imagine if you are a young person with little experience and no qualifications – what chance have you got to find work?

learndirect can offer the right training courses to help young people get the skills to find work, but in order to help them they need to locate where they are and be able to communicate with them effectively. If only they had a map…

The Solution

This is where Beacon Dodsworth came in; working with the team at learndirect we were able to interpret their needs and come up with a comprehensive mapping solution using demographic data.

We started by identifying the types of customer learndirect were looking to target:

·      Unemployed people between: 19 to 44 leandirect

·       Have Level 1 qualifications or lower

·       Live in England and Wales


Using this framework we set to work on producing the specific bespoke demographic data sets. This involved various sources including Census and Indices of Multiple Deprivation data. From this we were able to create a comprehensive database ready for mapping.

Time to Map it Out…

With the demographic data in hand, our developers used our flagship GIS mapping software, Prospex to visualise the geography of the demographic data sets at postcode district and  the more detailed postcode sector level. This allowed learndirect to literally map out where their target customers were and in what concentration. Prospex also allowed learndirect to plot a drive time radius around their centres, enabling them to further plan their marketing activity.

All this has allowed learndirect to target their campaigns effectively, leading to greater conversion & less wastage on expensive direct mailers.

How We Can Help You

If you are looking to target a specific group like learndirect did, then Beacon Dodsworth have the knowledge, the resources and the data to help create the perfect solution. From socio-economic profiling using our P2 People & Places software to political and postcode boundaries we can map it out for you.

We take the time to listen to all of our client’s requirements and create the right package for you; from a one off bespoke mapping service, to installing Prospex and training all your staff to create useful mapping solutions within your own organisation. We’re also on hand to help you find the right data sets to match your needs.


For more information on how Beacon Dodsworth can help your business please contact us.

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