Geographical data improves Informance's Business Intelligence and Business Discovery Solutions

Informance is a Qlik® Partner Solution Provider focusing solely on the QlikView Business Discovery platform.

Business intelligence systems enable an organisation to monitor processes and identify any problems so they can be corrected quickly. Frequently, this is done using well­ chosen Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). For an airline for example, monitoring late planes can provide the best single way to determine operational success. Business Intelligence systems have traditionally provided reports that can be quite labour intensive to interpret. Business Discovery takes things a step further. Senior executives use dashboards to see a quick overview and analysts drill down to the full story using interactive charts.

Both types of system become far more effective by adding geographical information. What is the catchment area of a store? What is the population of the catchment area? Are they likely to spend more or less than the average person on our products? These are questions that Beacon Dodsworth answer with Prospex mapping and analysis software. By adding the same data to business discovery systems we can help to monitor effectiveness from day to day or for any other period.


Informance saw how our data could improve the QlikView solutions they provide and decided to join our value ­added reseller (VAR) programme. Our PostView postcode boundaries, TimeTravel drive times and distances, P2 People & Places demographic data as well as other datasets all play a part in helping Informance’s clients gain additional benefits from their business discovery applications.

Study Area

20 minute off-peak drive time for central York

PostView provides a geography that divides the UK into about 10,000 units. Catchment areas, using these units, can be built with TimeTravel. People will typically travel for twenty minutes to do comparison goods shopping, so a store catchment might be defined as all the postcode sectors within twenty minutes’ drive of its location. Population and a whole lot of other characteristics of the catchment area can be determined with P2 People & Places. This can be combined with Living Cost and Food survey data to calculate expenditure on the store’s merchandise within the catchment area or any part of it.

Informance was impressed by Beacon Dodsworth’s accurate and comprehensive data and the development of a QlikView area reporting tool that gives a relevant, graphical demonstration to any potential or existing client.


Barry Talbot, managing director for Informance says: “We are delighted to join the Beacon Dodsworth VAR programme as it means our prospects and customers can see the benefit of combining their sales data with relevant mapping­ based data which gives them a new dimension to see how they are doing in certain geographies in the UK and Ireland and start targeting regions that they had not previously been active in”.


Age, population and gender indexes for the drive time

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