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Geographic information systems (GIS) play an important role in logistics planning.

Our clients in the logistics industry use our mapping software, Prospex, and drive time matrix, TimeTravel for a variety of planning tasks, including:

  • Distribution route planning
  • Territory analysis
  • Street work planning
  • Delivery costing
  • Leisure location planning
  • Service delivery management

Plan distribution routes

Logistics companies calculate the best order to make deliveries and the shortest and fastest route between each delivery point with our mapping software Prospex. It takes into account road speeds, one way and no entry restrictions, thus informing our clients of the most efficient route to take.

Schedule local canvassing and distribution

Newspaper and leaflet distribution companies link Prospex with their customer database to schedule efficient delivery routes using the most detailed street level mapping data, providing them with a clear route for each canvasser.

Analyse territories

Our clients maximize the number of deliveries they make and minimise the amount of driving through territory analysis with our mapping software, Prospex.

Cost deliveries

Our clients gauge fuel usage and cost
prior to taking on a job using
our drive time tool, TimeTravel, so they
know how long it will take to carry out
the delivery.

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