Majestic Wine - Store Location Analysis with Prospex GIS

Majestic Wine

Majestic Wine are one of the UK’s best known and favourite wine merchants. Their fun and knowledgeable approach to wine has seen their business grow and win numerous awards such as the IWC High Street Chain of the Year 2016 and a Sommelier award every year since 2013.

With 210 stores across the UK they are the only specialist wine retailer with national reach.

The Challenge

It was way back at the beginning of 2013 that Majestic Wine started to work with us. They were relaunching their website enabling customers to browse items available from their local store.

To ensure that customer orders were allocated to the correct outlet they needed a way to define delivery areas (catchments) for each of their store locations.

The Solution

We delivered Majestic Wine's store location analysis solution with Prospex, our geographical information system (GIS), which forms the basis of defining the catchments for every Majestic Wine store. Visualising and editing store locations and catchments also helps with internal queries.

For example, stores may need to query their catchments and why deliveries are being allocated to which stores.

Prospex maps provide a quick visual reference for analysts to see which delivery areas are defined, and help identify efficiency opportunities and service improvements for customers.

Frederick Botfield, Majestic Wine, Property Estates Manager, said:

"We use Prospex to understand our customers, whether they shop online or in store. This includes penetration within areas, spend maps and analysis for new and existing stores based on our customer drive-times. With Prospex we can:

  • Visualise penetration within areas.
  • Understand drive-times of customers to decide where to put new stores.
  • Visualize customers across all sales channels.
  • Understand and calculate cannibalisation and trade transfer between multiple stores.
  • Understand customer behaviour when we relocate or close stores.”

Customer locations mapped against multiple store locations

The Benefits

From defining delivery catchments to understanding drive times and customer behaviours, Prospex enables the geographic insight that supports key business decisions and processes.

Location can be everything when it comes to the success of a business. By using Prospex Majestic Wine are able to position their stores strategically and effectively, optimising store catchments and deliver a great customer experience.

If you would like to learn about your store locations and customers we can help.

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