...for field marketers, direct marketing agencies
and retail marketers

Our clients in the marketing industry include field marketers, direct marketing agencies and retail marketers.

They use our products and services to carry out a wide range of marketing activities from planning mailings to scheduling calls for in-store promotions. 

Plan marketing campaigns

Our clients use the Prospex mapping software to help them understand their clients and find potential customers to advertise to. Used with a people classification, such as P² People & Places, Prospex identifies the similarities in customer characteristics and lifestyles and can incorporate ifestyle data to analyse buying habits. This helps clients to tailor their products and market to their customers’ requirements. It also helps to find people with similar profiles to existing customers to target.

Improve customer service

The drive time matrix, TimeTravel, is used on retailer websites and in customer call centres to quickly advise customers of their nearest store, dealership or contractor.

Plan direct marketing

The Prospex software segments marketing lists so marketers know the most appropriate store and products to promote to each customer. It also maps how far customers travel to a store and where within this area, prospective customers live so they are targeted with direct mail relating to that store.market analysis mapping

Field marketing and territory planning

Field marketers use our geographic information system (GIS), Prospex, to schedule visits for in-store promotions in order to reach the optimum number of stores in a given time period. This takes into account factors such as part-time workers and the number of stores they need to visit each day.

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