Beacon-Dodsworth operates a Quality Management System (QMS) based on, but not accredited to, ISO 9000 principles.

The Quality Manager (Senior Responsible Authority - SRA) is Simon Whalley who reports at Board level to the Managing Director, John Dodsworth.

Procedures and systems

The QMS process is based upon a simple and practical approach to quality control through the management cycle of planning, implementation and review, applicable to the size of the business and the products Beacon-Dodsworth produces.

» Download a PDF of the Beacon Dodsworth QMS process flow chart

The QMS is a vehicle for delivering quality management. It defines the organisational structure, responsibilities, policies, procedures, processes, standards, and resources required to deliver quality products and services. The QMS however is not a static model, but a dynamically human interactive process that will only function as intended if the management and staff are committed to achieving its objectives.

To achieve this, the QMS principles are based upon:

  • Top down leadership by the directors to build in quality from the outset, with an emphasis on 'right first time'
  • Customer focus by measuring and constantly working to improve customer satisfaction
  • People involvement, working fairly with customers, suppliers, business partners and staff, coupled to timely feedback on performance at project, process and individual level
  • Providing the right resources and environment for staff development, allowing them to make the best use of their abilities
  • Process approach, ensuring that activities and related resources are managed as a process
  • Systematic management approach to make a demonstrable contribution to the organisation's effectiveness and efficiency
  • Continual improvement driven by the directors, focused on critical process areas with explicit improvement goals
  • Factual decision making approach using information which is sufficiently accurate, reliable, and accessible
  • Mutually beneficial supplier relationships, fostered to create and enhance value.

The QMS has two interrelated supplier and customer aspects:

  1. The Suppliers' needs and interests
    to reach and maintain the desired
    and agreed quality at an optimum
  2. The Customers' needs and
    expectations to have confidence
    in the ability of the supplier to
    deliver and maintain that quality

Objective evidence is recorded and
analysed for each of these aspects
to demonstrate that the required
quality is being planned for and met,
and therefore making an important
contribution to continuously improve
the efficiency and effectiveness of
the business processes.

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