...for the retail industry

With our market analysis products, retailers analyse the key aspects to retail success.

This includes estimating demand in a new area, planning store locations, managing distribution and understanding their customers.

Provide a store locator

Retail clients use our drive time matrix, TimeTravel, on their websites to inform customers of their nearest store.

Estimate demand in a new area

The Profiler wizard in Prospex enables clients to identify how many people in a new area are similar to existing customers. Using a people classification such as
P² People & Places it calculates the probability of these people buying their products, enabling them to estimate demand for business in a new area.

Plan store locations

After estimating demand in a new area, retailers find the best location for a new store by importing retail data, such as grocery expenditure and spending patterns into our mapping software. The software identifies who lives in the surrounding area and the travelling time to the proposed store so they can compare this with other successful stores.

Advertise your store

Retailers use Prospex to estimate how long customers are likely to travel to reach their store. This information enables them to target their advertising to people within this drive time so advertising spend is not wasted on people out of reach.

Understand your customers with profiling

Classify customers into categories within a people classification such as P² People & Places. By importing customer postcodes into Prospex you can identify the similarities in customers' characteristics and lifestyles and use this information to tailor products and marketing directly to these customers.

Plan distribution routes

Calculate the best order to make deliveries and the shortest and fastest route between each delivery point with Prospex. It takes into account road speeds, one way and no entry restrictions, thus informing you of the most efficient route to take.

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Contact us to find out more about how you can improve your retail business from planning distribution to finding new customers.

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