How demographic profiling can help ensure franchise success

Sweeney Dog has created a business model that really works. From pet food and care to grooming and walking services, the York-based company represent a great alternative to boarding kennels and catteries.

They approached Beacon Dodsworth as they were looking for a way to grow their business and identify further franchise opportunities. Bernard Flynn, Director of Sweeney Dog explains; ‘in developing a national franchise network for my business, I needed a postcode analysis for small geographic areas within the UK. These areas are based on where potential franchisees live and I need to give advice on number of households and socio-economic potential’.

After an initial consultation with Sweeney Dog, BD decided the most cost-effective way to help grow the business would be to provide a simple postcode atlas and a table of census data (along with the insight and analysis afforded by our free online demographic profiler). This allows Sweeney Dog to model and profile the resident population and demographics of their successful pilot franchise territory and identify other areas like this. By understanding the characteristics of existing customers, new areas can be profiled and selected based on profitability and the likelihood of a franchise succeeding, even when the area is not well known. Bernard continues, ‘The data is completely and easily accessible and can be mapped to give a pictorial view of postcode areas. It helps avoid allocating areas that will have limited potential and therefore it builds confidence with the franchisees that we want to work with them and make their investment successful’.

For more information on how to make your franchisees investments work, get in touch. We’d love to tell you more about what we do.

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