Britain, and its population, is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Having the most current and robust data available is vital to social, financial and commercial decision making...

What is the British Population Survey?

The British Population Survey (BPS) provides comprehensive, up-to-date and affordable data about the people of Great Britain from family circumstances, household mix, everyday expenditure, income, education, employment, media consumption and internet usage.

Core areas of information centre around audience characteristics and marketing channels / sectors.

  • Family: age, sex, lifestage, marital status, number of children
  • Economics: social grade, qualifications, economic status, household income, working status, tenure, main supermarket
  • Lifestyle: number of cars, TV, internet usage
  • Media: channels (TV, radio, telephone, leaflet) and consumption (newspapers, ITV station)
  • Internet: internet access (frequency and method)
  • Marketing: sectors (banking, insurance, savings, supermarkets, clothing, health care) and channels (channels received, channels responded to)

Data is updated every month by personal face-to-face interviews (over 80,000 individuals per year for the BPS). This means large yet accurate sample sizes fully representative of the adult population – the holy grail of any data manipulator!

What is the British Population Survey used for?

The British Population Survey is used in a similar way to TGI data to understand the behaviours and characteristics of consumers.

For example the BPS will identify those business sectors from which people are most receptive to receive door drop marketing (banks, supermarkets, charities and travel companies if you’re interested).

Additionally, the Office for National Statistics UK unemployment rate closely correlates with the BPS unemployment figures. The BPS can, therefore, be used to map areas of highest unemployment to target government schemes for getting people back into work.

Understand audiences in an affordable way

At BD, our fab developers have been working hard to integrate our demographic and lifestyle data with the BPS to allow cross-tabbing of geodemographics and attitudinal trends in order to understand audiences, support advertising sales, identify PR and social marketing opportunities and target resources effectively.

By plotting demographics on a map, you can easily visualise the best areas to target advertising campaigns and get maximum ROI.

Take this further with newspaper catchment data and you begin to see how the BPS forms a vital part of any well-targeted marketing campaign. Why haven’t you got it yet?

To find out more about the BPS and how the data is integrated into our products or even just for advice on how to better target your markets and get more customers, give us a call on 01904 701020 or complete our enquiry form.

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