Answer 'where's my nearest' queries with our distance calculator...

Get quick and accurate answers to your customers' location queries

Incorporating TimeTravel within your company database enables your customer advisers to quickly and easily conduct an informed search for the nearest store to their caller's location.

Your store database can be linked with TimeTravel, enabling your customers' addresses to be quickly matched to their nearest store.

Which version of TimeTravel is most suitable for you?

We provide two versions of TimeTravel to suit the level of detail required for your application - TimeTravel and TimeTravel Plus.

In the standard version of TimeTravel, the matrix is built at postcode district and postcode sector level, so provides the time and distance it takes drive from one district or sector to another.

» Find out more about the standard version of TimeTravel

For applications where there is a greater density of locations and more accuracy is needed than district or sector drive times, TimeTravel Plus offers the solution. It is built at full postcode level, providing the time and distance it takes to drive between a selected list of postcodes (e.g. hotels) and other UK postcodes.

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TimeTravel in action

Don’t just take our word for it, read how Skoda is using TimeTravel in their call centres to offer the best possible service to their customers.

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