Postcodes reveal the likely lifestyles of
the people who live there.
Add our online profiling app to your website.

Suburban Sainsbury's-shopping smoker or urban early-adopting youth?

Our fantastic dev team have cleverly associated every postcode in the UK with a  P² People & Places profile so that you can easily visualise this.

The customer profiling web app is a quick and easy way of seeing demographic segmentation by postcode with results vividly displayed on a map.

customer profiling

This insight can then be used to:

  • Find where similar people live to get more customers
  • Plan new sites or retail locations
  • Carry out more targeted and effective social marketing
  • Tailor local funding to 'at risk' areas

Do you ever ask?

  • Should you launch your new product in Sainsbury or Lidl to get maximum buy-in from this community?
  • Will people in your target postcode(s) respond to campaigns to eat healthy foods or stop smoking?
  • Where should you focus a leaflet drop to attract similar customers to your target audience?
  • Is there a need for further healthcare facilities in this area?

Enter your postcode in our demo to learn more about the lifestyles and habits of your target neighbourhoods.

We can provide an automated version of this app for your website.

To find out more call us on 01904 701020 or complete our enquiry form detailing your requirements.

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