Understand more about your current customers and find new ones with Prospex market analysis GIS mapping software...

Do you often ask yourself?

  • How can I find more customers?
  • How can I sell more to my current customers?
  • Are there similar patterns in my customers' buying habits and lifestyles?
  • How can I target and sell to similar people?
  • Where should I be advertising?

Customer analysis and profiling means understanding as much as possible about your customers in order to get to know them better, helping you to build lasting relationships and ultimately sell more products and services to your loyal customers.

Understand your customers with customer profilingGet more customers with Prospex

The Prospex Profiler works as a market analysis and profiler software allowing you to classify your customers into categories with demographic data, such as our own P² People & Places, Acorn, PRIZM, CAMEO or MOSAIC. Importing your customer postcodes into Prospex identifies the similarities in your customers' characteristics and lifestyles.

To analyse their buying habits, cross tabulate with market analysis and customer survey data. Use this information to tailor your products and marketing directly to your customers' requirements.

Take this one step further and find out where similar demographics are located, so that you can expand your customer network by promoting your products within these catchments.

Analyse your customers further

Because different products in your range appeal to different customers, Prospex allows you to break down your customer analysis into sub set groups, such as geographical location. For example; your Scottish customers may not behave in the same way as those in the South East. Both groups will have different wants and needs based on their culture and geography. Sub setting allows you to take this into account so you can segment your audience and tailor your promotions.

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