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Plan media campaigns

MapVision is a web-based mapping system that simplifies and enhances the process of planning a media campaign by mapping newspaper circulation areas, drive times and readership penetration.

Mapping newspaper circulation areas

On the Newspaper Society website, MapVision provides free maps of regional newspaper circulation areas derived from the eight geography types such as ISBA regions, counties and single newspaper titles. MapVision also allows the user to show and hide roads, change the level of place names shown and animate the maps in PowerPoint.

Mapping drive times

MapVision generates maps of any drive time or distance for subscribers. It is used to map any combination of the user's own lists and predefined areas along with bands of circulation penetrations.

Comparative coverage maps

Produce maps showing comparisons of any regional newspaper circulation area. Include radio and television areas as well. 

Mapping readership penetration

MapVision allows subscribers to map the penetration of regional press titles by eight bands
of coverage for all adults and a range of sex and social grade backgrounds,
allowing media campaigns to be tailored to target customers through the appropriate newspapers.

Edit maps in PowerPoint

Save both free and subscriber maps directly
into PowerPoint to edit and animate them. Beacon Dodsworth has written
PowerPoint macros that group related objects together making it quicker
to edit and animate the maps.

Find out more

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