Prospex 4.4 new functionality

Map Navigation

  • Navigate in a more natural way with new drag panning functionality! Use the pan drag shape or click and hold the mouse wheel button to slide the map to a new location.Reduce the number of clicks and make your mapping more hassle-free.
  • In response to client feedback, mouse wheel zooming is here! Zoom and pan are now also controlled by the mouse wheel or arrow keys. With no need to recentre your mouse when zooming in or out, navigation around Prospex maps has never been easier!
  • Quickly pan or zoom to a specified postcode or location with the improved Go to Location dialogue on the toolbar.

Working with your Data

  • Editing catchments is far more intuitive in Prospex 4.4. Balance catchments based upon point set values using a new floating menu. Find, select and tag catchments from a catchment directory that overlap a chosen catchment.
  • Sharing and backing up projects has never been easier than in Prospex 4.4! Export the current project and all its associated data or any saved project from the project library for backup or for sharing with other Prospex users.
  • Quick and easy access to your project's tagged and current objects from the toolbar.
  • Save time and reduce clicks! Use the clear all or untag all options to easily reset your project's tagged or current objects without opening your libraries.
  • Duplicates in your point set data? Prospex 4.4 can now find any duplicates in point sets, you can then edit them as required
  • Easily add co-ordinates to your data! Add longitude and latitude codes to your point sets at the click of a button.

Editing Data on your Map

  • Polygon editing has improved! Add polygon points using a circle or box shape. Remove points using the box shape.
  • Need to know how areas outside of your catchment are performing? Prospex 4.4 displays spreadsheet data for all tiles in the Edit Map window, not just for your current catchment!. This helps greatly with territory management, particularly balancing territories..
  • Prospex gives you even more control over what you see on the map! The layers menu independently controls the display of tile names, tile codes and spreadsheet data.
  • Fewer clicks! Edit text in the Presentation window by double clicking it.

Raster Map layers Settings

  • See your data more clearly with the new settings for raster backdrops! Your data will now make more of visual impact, as raster backdrops can be viewed in grayscale or with varying degrees of transparency, meaning overlaid data looks visually stunning!
  • Go big! Sometimes a small map just won't hack it! When you need to export images at wall map sizes, Prospex 4.4 sets up your map for a large format and exports it split into a number of smaller files for printing at A3 or A4. Sticky tape not included...
  • More ways to customise your map! Need a different type of raster map or page scale in the presentation window? Specify which raster backdrop to use in the Presentation window, as well as the page scale used.
  • Make sure your raster backdrops are displaying as clearly as possible! Use the new raster map set option in the Set Window menu to set your map extent to give optimal raster resolution.

General Improvements

  • Prospex now has improved support for multiple monitors.
  • A picture paints a thousand words...and saves clicks! Prospex 4.4 includes new icons on the Toolbar for Text Classes, Text Items, Edit Segments, Edit Charts.
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