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Geodata system integration

Location data can add depth and value to existing business data. Integrate data mapping into your business processes to display complex information in a way that is easy to understand and act upon. Our mapping consultants have delivered a number of bespoke geodata integrations over the years, including:

Integrated mapping to improve customer service

Area heat map with pen portrait of older consumers superimposed on top.

Understand people’s behaviour within an area or help them to find you by using intuitive maps to guide their journeys and your customer analysis. We can help by:

  • Creating web-based “where is my nearest” tools to make it easy for people to find your branches
  • Designing location-based survey tools to measure customer satisfaction in your service areas
  • Evaluating the success of display boards and campaigns through targeted traffic measurement and demographic analysis

Location data CRM and database integrations

A family set over a demographic heat map

Adding location data increases the power of most business systems. We have more than 25 years experience integrating geodata to databases including:

  • Appending geodemographic profile data onto a CMS or database to better understand your audience
  • Integrating “where is my nearest” tools for customer-service teams to allocate clients to the best branch or agent
  • Adding boundary data to align your services with healthcare or administrative operating areas

Enhancing other business systems with location intelligence

A sales consultant getting out of their car.

Location intelligence can help every facet of a business’ operations outside of its many customer-facing benefits including:

  • Integrating drive-distance data via an API to your expenses system for mileage validation
  • Using drive-time radii around fire stations to improve accuracy in insurance quote and underwriting systems

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