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Geographical data: point, network and boundaries

We have been working with location data since 1994 and are skilled at tracking down network and boundary data to support business. We can provide data to enrich your organisation’s systems and give you the business intelligence you need including:

Postcode area and boundary data

A map showing the extent of the YO30 5 postcode area, district, and sector.

We are postcode geography specialists and use Royal Mail data as the basis for many of our own products. We are experienced in working with postcodes and nesting postcode data products into our client’s systems including:

  • Postcode area and Boundary files at full postcode level or at sector, or area level for meaningful business analysis
  • Postcode Address Finder (PAF) for accurate address verification and matching, as well as postcode locations
  • Postview geolocation data to enable postcodes to be matched with coordinates, street names or administrative geography

Map and raster data

A map made using OS Zoomstack to plot local details.

Whether you need large scale maps to plan delivery rounds or small scale maps to preview national sales territories, we are able to source the map data you need including:

  • Ordnance Survey: The most comprehensive mapping data available from national to street level, showing road networks, routing information, and points of interest
  • Collins Bartholomew: A selection of mid scale and small scale raster and vector datasets for Great Britain and Northern Ireland including road networks, coastlines and urban areas
  • HERE Technologies (formerly NAVTEQ): From street level road networks, railway lines, urban sprawl and some land use features, to a premium package with driver and road restrictions and access information for different vehicle types

Administrative geography data

A local map next to a streetscene with a refuse lorry.

We have extensive experience of sourcing administrative geography data including:

  • Administrative area and boundary data we can geodata segmented by administrative area to make it meaningful to the non-profit sector
  • PSGA (Public Sector Geospatial Agreement) allows the not-for-profit sector to use major provider data such as Ordnance Survey maps at zero cost
  • Compare and convert postcode and administrative geographies using our Postview data products

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