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P² People & Places: Affordable geodemographic profile data

P² People & Places is our cost-effective geodemographic classification tool. Built from census and lifestyle data, it categorises and describes the behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles of people living in the UK. It can help you to:

Use geodemographic data to understand your audience

A jigsaw puzzle being completed with a picture of young customers on it.

P² People & Places allows users to develop a deeper understanding of UK consumers, their neighbourhoods, and geographical trends within an area.

  • Turn a list of postcodes into a database of meaningful customer profiles
  • Map purchase behaviour to customer groups and work out your best performing customers
  • Analyse the demographic groups around competitor branches

Identify and target new customers using demographic profiling

Customer silhouettes set over a heat map and demographic data summary.

Once you have identified who your best customers are, you can identify hot-spots of more like them around the country.

  • For a new venture, choose a demographic pen-portrait and look for audience hot spots to identify the best place to start up
  • Identify hot spots of new areas containing the more like your best performing customer group
  • Apply results from a single store nationwide to find profitable new outlet locations
  • Combine with drive-time analysis to develop practical catchments, franchises and sales targets

Understand social needs and trends in a community

A map with magnifying glass identifying an area on a map and a young man helping an older gentlemen to leave their house.

This dataset is available segmented by administrative boundaries for use by public sector organisations. Based around census and LCF (Living Costs and Food Survey) data it offers good levels of data discrimination at all affluence levels.

  • Build a rounded picture of the people and communities within a certain area
  • Match survey results to demographic groups to model attitudes across a region
  • Identify local communities most in need of certain services or facilities

P² People & Places can be used as a standalone dataset, within any Geographical Information System (including our own Prospex GIS), database, or customer relationship management (CRM) system. If you'd like to explore the data, and see how the Trees and Branches work together to paint a complete picture of society, please click the link below.

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