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Sales territory mapping, management and optimisation

Regardless of the size of your field team, intelligently defined sales areas will make a huge difference to the efficiency and profitability of your business. Whether you are creating a new sales network, re-balancing territories following recruitment, or optimising existing sales catchments, we can help. Here are some examples of the territory planning products and services we offer to our clients:

Sales territory planning & mapping

A sales rep superimposed on a territory map.

Visualising existing sales territories using maps is one of our most popular services. It allows management and field teams to quickly identify territories and allocate clients to the most suitable agent. Here are some of the most common ways we are often asked to define and map territories:

  • Postcode or existing bespoke business areas, easily imported into any of our mapping systems and displayed as heat or catchment maps
  • Travel distance or time, whether that is abstract crow-fly radii or realistic on-road travel distances or times
  • Number of customers or their value, equally split amongst each member of the field team so workloads and opportunities are balanced across your sales force
  • Target household or demographic counts in each catchment, to give each of your agents an equal chance to hit their sales target

Optimise territories for greater efficiency

A delivery driver set over a delivery schedule map.

Once territories are planned, our tools and expertise can help you to get the most from your field or logistics team.

  • Call scheduling and journey optimisation, factoring in travel times, distances, vehicle types, time of day and preferred visit days, for efficient multi-visit journeys and rational client servicing
  • Interactive territory maps to allow clients or your operators to easily find their regional or closest agent
  • Gap analysis to identify poorly serviced areas and identify recruitment opportunities
  • Local area, street maps or postcode lists to assist your field team in their day-to-day operations

Campaign planning & targeting new areas

A doorstep campaigner speaking to a potential donor at their front door.

Location analysis is vital to expanding the reach of your salesforce, whether that is a targeted campaign or expanding your operations into a new area.

  • Map potential clients in a new territory by profiling your current sales database and mapping hot spots with the same geodemographic profiles
  • Split target areas by size or content to identify recruitment requirements and potential distribution centres
  • Turn postcode lists into local prospecting maps or geodemographic hot spots into usable postcode mailing lists
  • Exclude known complainants and low propensity households from doorstep prospecting maps and address lists
  • Map circulation area or TV region onto target catchments to identify the best promotional channels

Data & delivery that suits you

An isolated map of the DN2 5 postcode sector for local prospecting.

The format of your territory maps is almost as important as their content to meet the needs of the end user. Our tools and consultants can give you the data your team needs in the most suitable format for the audience.

  • Interactive digital maps that can be viewed by you whole team or nested in your website to allow clients to find their closest agent
  • Giant wall maps printed at high resolution for your office wall
  • Digital map images for use within websites or printed collateral
  • Individual catchment, area, or street maps batch produced and printed for each of your field team agents

We have been working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS), mapping, demographic and travel data for a long time, and have become specialists in territory mapping. So we’d like to share a few tips on best practice if you are about to define sales catchments for your team, or embark on territory review.

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