About Beacon Dodsworth

Building, delivering, and supporting a wide range of mapping data and software solutions.

Who are Beacon Dodsworth? 

Established in 1994, we developed one of the UK’s first GIS systems for marketing and analysis. Applying spatial techniques to maturing national datasets on people and places gave many companies a head start. They became able to understand the behaviour of their customers, the performance of their outlets, and the trends in their markets. At the same time, graphics technology was advancing quickly to allow presentation of the results in easily-digested formats.

In the early days, we provided solutions mainly for the media and automotive industries but quickly realised that the tools we have at our disposal are applicable across a broad range of planning and analysis challenges. Although we've grown a lot since 1994, we have maintained the same approach of delivering robust products, customised services and enhanced support. We also work with public and private sector organisations from a wide range of industries.

We have built our reputation on a determination to add the most value to, and provide the best possible support for, every single client.

What do Beacon Dodsworth do?

We design, develop, deliver and support a range of mapping, software and data solutions. In a nutshell we help people understand their data by providing tools and know-how. 

Our aim is to help businesses work smarter. This includes enhancing decision-making capability and designing efficient processes. Although we have a range of proven products that we can offer off-the-shelf - see the box to the right or our product pages - we know that one size doesn’t fit all, so can always work with clients to provide a solution that works for them.

For smaller jobs, or clients that need analysis very rarely, we can also do bureau work in-house to avoid the need for an ongoing licence or staff training. This flexibility in the solutions we offer means we can support smaller businesses very effectively or any organisation, public or private sector, working to a tight budget. When delivering solutions we try to ensure they're as cost-effective as possible.

How we do it 

We're a creative bunch and over the years we've developed the knowledge, skills and tools required to deliver robust solutions that meet the needs of today's businesses. Our range of software and data can be customised in response to your needs and we can also build bespoke software and data solutions. The experience and knowledge we've developed over the last 25 years means we can respond quickly to your requests. By identifying the most efficient method of generating solutions we can pass on cost savings to you.

Why we do it

We enjoy working with technology. We get a kick out of improving processes for our clients and we love mapping. The ever-changing technological landscape keeps us on our toes and encourages us to find new ways to enhance our clients' businesses with our mapping, software and data solutions. We also get to work with lots of different types of people which is fantastic because we think business is about building great relationships.



Photo of company director John Dodsworth

John Dodsworth - Director 

An Oxford Physics graduate, John worked briefly for IBM before embarking on the task of leading a research group at Leeds University, modelling 3D mechanical objects.

He took his love of geometry and geography with him into the real world: first in Sheffield and then in York, jointly founding Beacon Dodsworth.

Love of new challenges, a wry observation of technological fashions, and working with a great team combine to get him out of bed in the mornings.




Photo of company director Karen Douglas

Karen Douglas - Director

Although Worcestershire born and bred, after 25 years of living in Yorkshire, Karen is considered a honorary northerner.

With a wealth of experience managing teams in the automotive, engineering and construction industries, Karen now oversees the commercial and financial functions for Beacon Dodsworth.

This overview enables the business to maintain laser-like focus on clients' requirements whilst her hands-on approach and keen sense of humour ensure there’s never a dull day in the office.


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