Where is the North?

Where are you from? The North, East, South and West according to population counts

We've used the territory management tool in Prospex, our GIS software, to split the UK into equal parts according to population counts.

You might be surprised by the results.

The population counts are from P2 People & Places geodemographic classification.

The map has been built using postcode area tiles.

  • Do you know what a Parmo is?
  • Do you like chips with your gravy?
  • Will you be eating tea or having dinner around 6pm?
  • Do you know what a ginnel is?
  • Do you prefer your sandwich filling in a bap, bun, roll or breadcake?

3 maps that split the UK according to population counts

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Where is the North

We've used the territory manager tool in Prospex GIS to split the UK into North, East, South and West with equal population counts.

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