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Our software, data and expertise deliver solutions for location based business challenges

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Affinage use Prospex to connect clients with their closest distributor

Affinage International Hair Cosmetics are a global name in haircare products. For over 6 years their sales support team have been using our Prospex software to make it as easy as possible for their UK clients to source Affinage branded products from the most conveniently located reseller.

Finding the closest distributor in a complex UK-wide network

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Prospex GIS helps target the right addresses

Street level mapping and postcode lists help fundraisers keep in touch.

Part of a HOME fundraising map

Locating blacklisted addresses improves fundraising efficiency

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Franchise area mapping & location analysis - GIS software

Using GIS to analyse locations and produce detailed franchise area maps.

Map contains postcode sectors drive times around franchise location

Using GIS to analyse locations and produce detailed franchise area maps

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Responsive UK-wide drive times with postcode level accuracy

One of the UK's largest budget hotel chains country approached us. With sites in both rural and urban locations and some towns and cities served by many hotels, the client wanted to make it easy for customers to book the hotel that is most convenient for their plans. Our solution was to use our TimeTravel product to supply the data for an interactive hotel finder on the client’s website.

Map showing  nearest accommodation

Where is my nearest accommodation?

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Major insurer improves underwriting by using TimeTravel data

The London office of a global general insurer, with more than 320 offices worldwide, approached us with a challenge. They wanted to take an innovative approach to assessing fire risk by looking at the distance of their clients from their nearest fire station. What can we say, we love a challenge.

Heat map shows travel times from nearest firestation

Drive time analysis in risk assessment

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Simply Argan find the right people to get samples

Geodemographic profiling helps target maketing investment.

Geodemographic data index

Profiling customers improves marketing efficiency

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Schedule and order field force visits

Tactical Solutions use Prospex GIS to order visits to over 1600 retail outlets. 

Part of a visit schedule

Automatically generating call schedules and routes

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Our mapping consultancy delivers RSAcademics client solution

Our student profiles and modelled data provides valuable insight for education providers.

Map contains postcode sectors and drive times around York school location

Visualising data in a spatial context highlights patterns, trends and relationships

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Planning store deliveries to compliment online purchasing

Majestic Wine use Prospex GIS to define store delivery areas.

Maps displays delivery catchments for multiple store locations

Planning for efficient deliveries

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Drive time data delivers accurate mileage claims 

Since 2011 we’ve been providing the NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS) with a mileage calculation web service that’s efficient, simple to use and accurate.

Comprehensive drive time data delivers accurate mileage calculations

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Customer analysis finds new locations

Vision Express use Prospex and P² People & Places geodemographics for essential planning.


Retail data analysis

Customer analysis of retail data

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Reliable drive time data improves marketing efficiency

RAC use TimeTravel to enhance customer service.

Approved garages near to the customer

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Finding the best locations for businesses - MyHealthcare Clinic

Location analysis delivers the intelligence required for accurate decision making.

Potential new site location analysis for MyHealthcare Clinic

Maps and data provide a detailed and precise view of locations

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Planning inquiry use Beacon Dodsworth as experts

Combining data analysis, mapping and visualisation for accurate testimony.


Map displays coverage of proposed location by existing services

Coverage of proposed location by existing services

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Customised online travel survey that captures user journeys

Replacing time consuming expensive personal interviews with an efficient online solution.


Austrian street level map

Online journey capture across Austria

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Retail analysis finds the best locations for a new enterprise

Using existing retail data to predict market potential in target locations across the south of England.

Heat map displays LCF spend data

Retail analysis comparing shop sales with LCF spend