Call schedule and order field force visits

Tactical Solutions use Prospex Scheduler to increase field sales force efficiency

The challenge

Tactical Solutions operates a field sales service with a team of representatives routinely visiting 1,650 retail outlets. They work with store staff to find and fix all stock replenishment issues for supermarkets such as ASDA and Tesco, plus household names like Heinz, Del Monte and Jordans.

With reps visiting several clients each Tactical Solutions needed a call scheduling solution to provide the optimum order for visits, keeping redundant travelling time to a minimum.

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The solution

The Scheduler within Prospex mapping software was developed with Tactical Solutions to meet these needs. In the first planning stage Tactical imports a list of all the stores to visit and their reps locations.  Prospex allocates the reps to realistic and balanced territories. The Scheduler then generates daily call plans. Tactical specify the number of days and hours each rep works and the time spent at each location.

To save time and fuel, the Scheduler calculates what visits to make on what days and the most efficient order to make those visits in. The spreadsheets of the daily and weekly sales schedules are exported so each rep has a clear view of their appointments.

The second phase saw Beacon Dodsworth creating additional tools to improve and add to a schedule plan when, for example, a new client or store is added. It does this whilst keeping the same original schedule, adding the new calls in on a best-fit basis or, when appropriate, rebuilding schedules from scratch. An automatic mode means that the whole sales force can be rescheduled in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks like it previously took to do manually.

The benefits

The use of the software has not only reduced Tactical Solutions’ planning time in allocating calls, but also reduces their travel time and mileage between them. The procedure of scheduling visits is now automatic but can also be tweaked manually, if needed.

Tactical sets weightings and the schedule quickly redefines if new factors evolve, such as a new rep joining.

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