Mapping real-world delivery areas for efficient online purchases

One of the UK’s best-known wine merchants came to us to map their delivery and store network in order to match customers to their closest store when they shopped online. With more than 200 stores across a UK-wide network, this required some very powerful mapping software.

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The Challenge

When this client approached us, they were relaunching their website to enable customers to browse items available from their local store. To ensure that customer orders were allocated to the correct outlet they needed a way to define and map delivery areas (catchments) for each of their store locations. In this way, every customer would know what stock was available from their closest store and make informed purchases. Meanwhile, our client would maintain an efficient delivery network, keep fulfilment cost as low as possible, and have the best chance of maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

The Solution

We delivered this solution with Prospex, our geographical information system (GIS), which formed the basis of defining the catchments for every store within our client’s network. Visualising and editing store locations and catchments also helped with internal queries. For example, stores may need to query their catchments and why deliveries are being allocated to different stores.

Prospex maps provide a quick visual reference for analysts to see which delivery areas are defined and help to identify efficiency opportunities and service improvements for customers.

The Benefits

Prospex allows our client to understand their customers more fully, whether they shop online or in store. This includes penetration within areas, spend maps and analysis for new and existing stores based on customer drive-times. With Prospex they can:

  • Visualise penetration within areas
  • Analyse drive-times of customers to decide where to put new stores
  • Visualise customers across all sales channels
  • Understand and calculate cannibalisation and trade transfer between multiple stores
  • Explore customer behaviour when stores relocate or close
  • Location can be everything when it comes to the success of a business.

By using Prospex our client can optimise store catchments and deliver a great customer experience. Longer-term, the ability to visualise and manage their catchment and delivery network allows them to respond to changes in their customer base and position new stores strategically as they identify areas of high demand.

From defining delivery catchments to understanding drive times and customer behaviours, Prospex provides the customer analysis and geographic insight to support key business decisions and processes.




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