Targeted doorstep fundraising with Prospex GIS

Many charities find that a face to face conversation is a brilliant way to begin that relationship, and a very important means to secure the necessary permission for future contact. However, it is vitally important to conduct a door-to-door strategy ethically and as un-intrusively as possible and that means targeting your prospecting areas intelligently. So when a specialist door-to-door fundraiser approached us to create maps of high propensity areas we rose to the challenge..

Doorstep fundraiser at work.

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The challenge

Our challenge was to use Prospex, our market analysis GIS, to provide a cost-effective solution which enabled their team of professional fundraisers to identify where and where not to call.

Our client also wanted to build more insight into their communities of donors by using GIS and demographic data. This level of detail would enable them to develop further strategy around site management, with a view to improving engagement with donors and retaining their support for longer.

The solution

Our client chose Prospex GIS after reviewing a number of systems. It displays raster data detailed enough to see every house when you create a map. It has a macro language that automates repetitive tasks. Any area can be defined within the system and the number of households calculated.

Fundraisers and their supervisors need detailed maps showing them where they need to call and, just as importantly, which houses and areas not to call. The Prospex macro language can generate 6,000 easy to use maps showing all the details they require. The map areas can also be defined by postal geography or use a client's own polygons.

Whereas most mapping systems can draw a rectangular area, it was important in this case to mask out those parts of the map where no calls were needed. Prospecting territories tend to follow specific postcode sectors and these are never a simple rectangle, so each map was bespoke. This enables each fundraiser to easily focus on their defined area. Having this functionality built in and usable in a Prospex macro saved time especially when preparing thousands of maps. Automation leads to consistency, so that once a template map is set up, the computer can do the rest.

We wrote every line of code in our Prospex software, so we can extend the macro language to automate any task our clients can define. The macros written for this client accessed data from almost all the libraries in Prospex to generate the maps and calculate the statistics displayed on them.

The benefits

A charity’s reputation is often its greatest asset and our client can now be confident that people who don't want fundraisers to call will not be bothered. The detailed maps help to make their fund raising as efficient as possible. The extra insight provided by geodemographic profiling enables their management to analyse the efficiency of a territory, whilst identifying risks and opportunities by overlaying their existing donor data on to the maps.


Fundraising territory with blacklisted addresses shown

How this could help you

Any organisation contacting people at home or needing to understand the types of people that live in an area would benefit from a solution like this. Prospex is a market analysis GIS built for this task by us and contains many features not found in generic mapping packages. Here are four aspects of what we offer that were especially useful to our client:

  • Prospex is supplied with a wide range of GIS data, from raster maps to every UK census count, address and road. Most other GIS software requires data to be bought as an add-on or sourced from a third party.
  • We can even incorporate data from other providers, as well as our own.
  • We have over twenty five years’ experience of creating maps using a wide range of data for different industries.
  • We can automate many tasks to make your job easier.
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