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Jailhouse Tours (JHT) runs two historically important decommissioned prisons – HMP Shrewsbury & HMP Shepton Mallet. They offer guided and self guided tours; the guided tours are run by ex prison officers who worked the wings when the jails were fully operational. When they came to us with a project to directly target new customers within a drive time limit, we were delighted to work with them.

After approaching several companies I made a short list of 3. Beacon Dodsworth secured our business because of their excellent customer service skills and flexible approach. We have been very pleased with all the data we’ve received and look forward to working with them again in the future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them

Harriet Williams, Jailhouse Tours

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The challenge

Based around existing heritage sites, it was vital for JHT to understand the potential audience surrounding their venues in order to accurately target and select a suitable message for their audiences. JHT approached us wanting to know who lived within a reasonable drive distance of their locations. They initially suggested 90 minutes but didn’t want to limit their results if it excluded hot spots of their prime audience demographic.

JHT also wanted to look at the demographic groupings of the people within these drive-times in order to identify audience groups to target with test marketing activity to assess their propensity to respond. The results from this could then be applied to the full demographic audience within a specified drive-time.

The solution

Initially we went through some of the available geodemographic data on offer with JHT and agreed on showing the following:

  • Spend on Recreation and Culture (total and averages per household)
  • Disposable Household Income (total and averages per household)
  • Gross Household Income (total and averages per household)

With sample maps and specification agreed, we turned to defining the area. To meet the flexible brief about drive time, we delivered maps with 30, 60 and 90 minute catchments around their sites and agreed to manipulate these to extend to nearby large urban areas. For example, we extended the Shrewsbury catchment to include Liverpool, Derby and Coventry.

We then went to work overlaying the data to return to JHT in the form of heat maps for their catchments. To make the vast areas visible, we produced numerous maps for each catchment, allowing Jailhouse to see the relevant data and geographical area behind this.

We built our P2 People & Places demographic analysis into the project, by providing counts and locations of the classifications for the catchments. This allowed JHT to decide the areas to target and understand the volume of customers and their spending habits within a given area.

Finally we provided all of the data in a large, but workable, spreadsheet showing the mapped data, extra population counts by age breakdowns, National Statistics Socio-economic Classification, and gender counts.


The benefit

The geographic and demographic data we provided have allowed JHT to plan their marketing approach in as much detail as possible, and streamline the spending to the customers that are most likely to buy. Furthermore, they can look at existing records, and by determining where they are located with our map data, target similar demographic areas. This will allow them to promote their venues to those most likely to visit their sites and develop a propensity model that they can apply to potential customers further afield.


Average weekly spend on recreation and culture mapped.

Above, the average weekly spend on recreation and culture per household around Dodsworth's Dungeon, a fictional venue in Harrogate. Below, we have average driving distances from the same venue.

Average distance to venue mapped.


More about P2

P2 People & Places is our geodemographic profiling data, which allows us to provide customer insight to our clients. Read more about it here...


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