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Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) is a leading, progressive, property consultancy working across the UK and Ireland. They work with a diverse portfolio of clients and manage thousands of retail, commercial, and residential properties. When LSH approached us, they were looking to be able to create heat maps at a local authority level and then embed the results within their website to make them available to everyone.

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The challenge:

The ultimate goal of LSH was to be able to visualise mapped data natively within their website. As influencers in their field, the readership of their website is very broad, so any visual data would need to be accessible to a variety of audiences. Maps would need to present multivariate data clearly, without visual clutter, load quickly, and allow a user to navigate a map in an intuitive way.

The scope of their business provided an additional challenge, as they work with both public and private sector clients, each of which uses different geographies to define their working areas. As such, any solution would need to work with both postcode and administrative geography. Their existing “cloud location intelligence solution” had become prohibitively expensive, so keeping costs low was also an important factor.

The solution:

After running through the requirements with LSH, we proposed MapVision, our simple web-based mapping tool.

Being web-based, MapVision avoided the need for any plug-ins or downloads to allow browsers to explore the maps. Maps can simply be presented in an i-frame, providing a streamlined way to present complex data without any unnecessary extra steps. Each map is hosted by us, so no IT infrastructure is required but it remains editable by LSH themselves and can be regularly updated.

Furthermore, MapVision allows you to control how much of the interface is shown to users when sharing mapping projects. A browser can either have full editing rights for a project, or a cut-down read-only view without the visual clutter of scale bars, keys, cookie notifications, and tool menus.

To allow for the lowest possible costs, MapVision subscriptions are flexible, from a single month, up to full-year.

The result:

Lambert Smith Hampton’s first project was to display housing data at a local authority level. This particular project called for a central point for each local authority included. This was a challenge in that local authorities tend to be defined by boundaries - and not necessarily entirely rational boundaries, see our administrative geography blog for more. Rather than manually working through the postcodes of central council offices, we provided LSH with centroid data for each local authority.

Finally, to avoid confusing readers and cluttering a small i-frame, LSH asked if they could white-label the maps created in MapVision. Now maps sit seamlessly within an i-frame on their website, using LSH’s own colour palette and indistinguishable from the surrounding content.

We are very pleased with the way LSH pulled this project together, and feel that the final piece is clear, informative, and visually appealing. You can see the results for yourself here.



We worked closely with Beacon Dodsworth to build a solution that works for us with the minimum of fuss and retains flexibility for future change

Izzy Watterson, Associate Director, Lambert Smith Hampton


The final MapVision project nested in the LSH website using an i-frame.

The finished MapVision project nested in an i-frame on the Lambert Smith Hampton website.

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