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Since 1998 we’ve been working with a not-for-profit body that seeks to improve Local Authority frontline services such as refuse collection, environmental health and housing. During a period of public sector cuts and local authorities running at a deficit, we are delighted that we can help them make such a positive contribution to local services.

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The challenge

The main challenge here is the scale of the job and the data involved. Visualising spatial and demographic data at a Local Authority level, in order to make any kind of meaningful assessment is no mean feat. Add to this, the need to assess the audience for each kind of frontline service and you have a truly staggering data challenge.

The solution

We harnessed two of our core products to meet this challenge, our Geographic Information System (GIS), Prospex, and our geodemographic classification, P² People & Places (P2).

Prospex mapping enables the client to look at each local authority area and compare their performance by rating each type of local government service across a range of criteria. Meanwhile P² People & Places allows them to look at this data in light of a representative community picture provided by demographic segmentation of the population within that authority.

In addition to geographical and demographic data, the client uses weather data, provided by Beacon Dodsworth, to assess grounds maintenance services which are affected by the weather, and also to help plan town amenities such as swimming pools, which receive more visitors during bad weather. As part of our ongoing support we identified an opportunity to help the client to save money whilst enhancing their weather data analysis. We did this by modelling the latest sunshine and rainfall data and delivering it at local authority level.

Over the years we’ve delivered dozens of training sessions to ensure that their team get the most out of Prospex GIS mapping software and P² People & Places and are able to apply the features and tools to enhance their projects. We also provide support, advice and guidance about using and analysing data.

The benefits

Using Prospex to measure the performance of local authorities in relation to the demographics of each authority, our client can plan how to improve the services of under-performing authorities. Working with a comprehensive view of the types of people who will actually receive/use the services of that Local Authority, our client can offer advice that is directly applicable to the community in question. The long-term benefit, should be a real improvement in the quality of life of people living within these areas.



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