Mapping consultancy delivers RSAcademics client solution

Our P² People & Places enhanced student profiles and modelled data provides valuable insight

Introduction to RSAcademics and their strategic client work

Founded by Russell Speirs in 2002, RSAcademics has advised and supported over 600 independent schools. Strategic marketing and research are core competencies and the company has provided support to the heads, governors and leadership teams of schools of all shapes and sizes.

RSAcademics' client projects vary and include:

  • Longer term strategic work to identify areas of potential for schools
  • Research projects to help gain a deeper understanding of a school’s pupil cohort and parents
  • Short term tactical activity that supports a specific requirement such as transport planning
  • Identifying potential new markets in untapped areas

The mapping consultancy service supplied by Beacon Dodsworth, consisting of Prospex GIS mapping software and P² People & Places geodemographic classification, forms part of RSAcademics’ Marketing and Research Toolkit.

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How has Beacon Dodsworth’s mapping consultancy service enhanced RSAcademics client work?

RSAcademics use Beacon Dodsworth’s evidence based data and analysis of a range of sources, which include P² People & Places geodemographic classification, as part of research and planning projects for a number of leading schools. By combining Beacon Dodsworth’s demographic analysis and mapping service with existing school data, the RSAcademics team can provide a more rounded view that helps to further validate a school’s marketing plans as well as identify new opportunities.

Beacon Dodsworth’s data modelling, analysis and mapping brings simple postcode data to life and, crucially, identifies the areas more densely populated by prospective parents. Beacon Dodsworth’s Prospex GIS mapping software enables RSAcademics to drill down to more finite subsets, such as identifying differences between boarders and day pupils.

This information is used to build detailed profiles of students’ families and modelled so that it can be visualised and presented in a range of maps. The data can also be used to identify the locations where existing and prospective students can be found.

Heather Styche-Patel, Head of Strategy, Marketing and Research at RSAcademics first recruited the services of Beacon Dodsworth in Autumn 2016 and said:

Working closely with Beacon Dodsworth enables us to provide specialised mapping and data analysis which has become integral to our Marketing and Research Toolkit. The relationship we have with Beacon Dodsworth adds a huge amount of value for our clients with the practical and applicable insight they deliver.

This type of analysis is relevant for any type of business and provides the intelligence required to make informed decisions.

For more information about RSAcademics, visit their website:

The following maps and analysis are illustrative examples of the kind of work we produce for RSAcademics. Click on the maps to enlarge. 

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Map analysis of school location, competitors and pupils

Map analysis of school location, catchment and pupils

Map analysis of school location plus count of households with children aged 0 to 9

Map analysis of school location, count of households with children aged 0 to 9 and income data

Map analysis of school location, count of households with children aged 0 to 9 and income data penetration


Map analysis of school location, households with children aged 0 to 9 and target market penetration in area

Map analysis of school location and drive times for pupils

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