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Stuart Todd Associates simplify town planning with MapVision

Stuart Todd Associates Ltd provide independent town planning services at the neighbourhood, local and strategic levels. A small consultancy, with almost 25 years of planning expertise and professional support and an enviable client base spanning the public, private and community sectors, Director, Stuart Todd, approached us looking for a cost effective and simple GIS mapping tool with a wish list to include administrative boundaries and drive-time catchments, whilst retaining simplicity of use.

Tailored mapping for a small business with a diverse audience

A challenge for a small business like this, with a diverse range of client needs is to be able to offer a tailored and personal service to all aspects of a job, whilst avoiding the need for external consultants who may not fully understand the client’s needs. Equally, expensive or niche tools that require specialist skills, regular use, and add a lot of cost to a project, do not suit a small business. Instead, we offered Stuart a free trial of MapVision, our web-based mapping platform, for him to test to make sure it met his needs before committing to a purchase.

Having previously explored and costed options of working with mapping and data consultants (like ourselves) to do the work for him, Stuart decided to sign-up to MapVision.

"the cost of using a consultancy with its own in-house GIS platform was probably going to be higher than a MapVision subscription, and remaining in control of the maps produced is important to avoid having to spend time commenting on drafts. It would take me as much, if not more, time and also cost to review and comment on draft maps produced by someone else, than doing it myself using MapVision."

A drive-time map around North Keynsham.
Mapping journey times - in this case peak time car travel - around a single potential venue.

MapVision meant that he could have complete control over the mapping process and continue to offer the truly personal service upon which his consultancy has built its reputation. With an established client base in both public and private sectors, MapVision’s ability to work with postcode and administrative/governmental geography is proving valuable. Stuart went on to say that:

"key outputs for which I use MapVision include spatial and market analysis of sports and leisure facilities and pitches (location, demand, need, catchment areas), policy maps for Local and Neighbourhood Plans and spatial analysis of the role and function of settlements."

We stay in regular contact with Stuart to ensure MapVision continues to meet his requirements. We request specific feedback and use this in MapVision development meetings to ensure our product is driven by the requirements of its users. As a web-based platform, users of MapVision do not need to wait for the next major version launch, or download and install time consuming software updates; the very latest updates and fixes are applied each time you refresh your browser. With users like Stuart Todd providing ongoing feedback, we can ensure that MapVision stays as user-friendly as possible whilst adding in those features that really matter to small businesses.

If you’d like to see for yourself how simple it is to create intuitive data maps in MapVision then why not get in touch to take advantage of free trial and explore its functionality.

A combined catchment heat-map and location point-set-map plotting specific locations and the regions they serve.
Plotting locations for multiple sites and the areas they serve in MapVision.

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