Postcode and address data

Comprehensive and accurate postcode coordinates plus full address details from Royal Mail PAF® and the Office for National Statistics

Getting the right address is important, getting the right location for your address is just as important.


Postcode points and address data

Beacon Dodsworth supply postcode coordinate data (East, North or Lat/Long) to geocode your address based information. PostView is a suite of data products based on postcode locations to improve geolocation, address matching and address selection.

If you need address verification and matching as well as postcode locations look at the Royal Mail PAF® products we supply.

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Accurate coordinate data for every postcode.

Map displays PostView coordinates

 PostView contains postcode sector, district and area boundaries.

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Royal Mail PAF®

30 million addresses across 1.8 million postcodes, frequently updated.

Table containing Royal Mail PAF data

 Royal Mail PAF data

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