Professional data mapping without the cost of GIS software

Our dedicated GIS mapping consultants have access to our full range of geographic and demographic analysis tools to create bespoke maps for you. All jobs are done at a fixed cost, agreed before commencing the job, so you can have the data you want, mapped and presented how you would like it, quickly and at a price to suit you.

Here are just some of the kinds of maps we can produce for you:

heat map icon

Choropleth or "heat" mapping

Heat mapping is an effective way of charting complex data to make it immediately understandable and intuitive to the viewer such as:

  • Plotting the density of customers or competitor sites in a location
  • Showing average customer spend in an area
  • Summarising demographic trends amongst an audience

We can set areas by postcode, administrative area or bespoke areas defined by you, and we can use any colour scale to match your chosen theme or company brand.

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Two traditionally coloured heat maps.

Point set icon

Point mapping

A point set map allows you to turn table data into something that is easy to understand and refer to. These points could be anything you’d like mapped: your best customers, store network, competitors or distributors. Map points can be based on:

  • UK postcodes or a central point calculated from incomplete postcode sectors or areas
  • Ordnance Survey National Grid reference or coordinates
  • Latitude and longitude data
  • Centralised points calculated from administrative geography

Point sets can be colour coded with custom icons, so multiple datasets can be displayed side by side.

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Retail landscape point set map.

Catchment mapping icon

Catchment and territory mapping

We can create territory or catchment maps to guide sales or delivery networks whether you want it based on:

  • Your own existing bespoke territories
  • Fixed distance radii
  • Actual on-road travel distances or times
  • Customer value or count within an area
  • Density or number of households fitting set demographic groupings

Catchments can be calculated to allow overlaps or draw definite borders between areas. Our tools will distribute areas based on your set criteria.

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A fictional sales territory map

Analysis icon

Location analysis and competitor mapping

Whether you are about to start your own small business, or reviewing the sites of your nationwide network, location intelligence can help you to better understand your customers, evaluate the competitive landscape, and select the best sites for your stores. We can help you to:

  • Undertake a site review of an existing store network.
  • Identify customer hotspots and their distance from your existing network
  • Visualise sales catchment areas
  • Plot competitor and supplier locations

In short, everything you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your sales network and allow you to optimise it.

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Magnifying glass set over a map and group of people

Sector silhouette

Sector or area mapping

If you need a map of a specific area with a bespoke boundary then we can help. This is ideal if your community project is targeted within a particular postcode sector boundary, or your door-to-door team have fixed target areas. We can set the extent for area maps based upon:

  • Postcode sectors or areas
  • Administrative regions
  • Demographic boundaries

These sector maps can be provided as images for you to print or circulate, finished print maps, or live online mapping projects that you or your team can edit as projects or territories change.

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IP4 1 example sector map

Cogs automation silhouette icon

Batch mapping

Even with a GIS, some processes can be time consuming for a small data team. Producing multiple maps to cover a large sales network might take a small team weeks to complete. We have scalable resource and the ability to automate complex queries to complete such work in hours - with significant savings in staff time and overall cost.

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Collection of batch maps

UK map icon

Giant maps

Need an oversized map of your branch network or sales territories for head office? Producing an event stand to showcase your nationwide reach? We have experience in creating high quality, detailed, high resolution maps and producing them in multiple digital and print formats for a wide variety of uses. Why not showcase your brand’s potential and transform your location data into a powerful brand asset.

Someone referring to a wall map

The data you need in a format to suit you

Once we have processed the data, we can return the results in a format to suit you:

  • GIS project file to use in your own version of Prospex or other GIS
  • MapVision digital project to view and share online
  • A PDF to share digitally
  • An image file which you can include on your website or use in printed material
  • Professionally printed map delivered to your door

By entrusting us with your next geodata project, you will benefit from 25 years of expertise and our full range of geographical intelligence tools without the cost of dedicated staff and software. We have a long history of providing exceptional data and service to our customers, and can help you to get the most out of your data and your budget.

We have more than 25 years experience of providing exceptional data and service to our customers, and can help you to get the most out of your data and your budget. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you, or see client case studies from our portfolio of satisfied customers.

We've spent more than 25 years visualising complex data and making it easy to understand.
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