Location intelligence for any industry

Whether you need to analyse your customer database, visualise sales territories and data, or authorise mileage claims, we have a location intelligence solution to match your requirements. Our main strength is our agility and experience which allows us to help companies of any size to benefit from geographical intelligence.

We can offer larger companies the GIS software they need for their in-house experts, or manage the creation and implementation of large-scale bespoke GIS solutions to national organisations. Smaller companies can benefit from simple web-based, low cost user-friendly mapping systems, whilst our consultants can provide small outsourced mapping and data intelligence jobs at a low fixed-cost.

Here are just some of the sectors in which we currently work. We appreciate that our clients are too diverse to always fit neatly into an industry bracket so, if you can’t see an example of how geodata could help your specific organisation, please get in touch.


A map plotting your best customer against travel radii for you and your main competitor.

Charity Icon

The Charity Sector

From fundraising through to targeting your resources to help those most in need and reporting on the impact of important issues, location intelligence can make a charity work more effectively.

Fundraising and local assistance images over a sector map.

Education icon

Education Solutions

Supporting education organisations with market and pupil analysis. Providing demographic data to geography courses.

Map displays nurseries and numbers of nursery aged children

Nursery school locations and numbers of 0-4 year olds near Newbury

Finance icon

Finance Solutions

Use of mapping technology and demographic analysis continues to develop throughout the finance industry. This is particularly true in the insurance sector where it can be applied across the board from sales territory planning to risk management.

Map with postcode sectors highlighted according to spend on savings and investment

Index of spend on savings and investment

Health icon

Health and Social Care

Our clients within the healthcare sector range from public health authorities to private organisations serving the health sector. They use demographics to understand local health needs, map national health trends, target preventative information campaigns, and improve the efficiency of staff journeys.

Doctor and patient image overlaid on location analysis map.

Hospitality icon

Hospitality Solutions

The hospitality industry is very competitive. Getting the most out of your advertising budget and your locations is vital. Profiling customers and areas improves marketing efficiency. "Where's my nearest?" services for web sites improves customer response.

Bar locations mapped with average weekly spend on alcohol

Bar location and average weekly household spend on alcohol in York

Support Icon

Local Authorities and NGOs

Our work with the NHS, Local Authorities and NGOs allows them to make the most of the resources at hand to support those in the community who need help the most.

Refuse collection on a  busy street overlaid on a local map..

Marketing icon

Marketing Solutions

Our geographic expertise can add depth to any marketing campaign from identifying an initial audience, through to evaluating a campaign and mapping new audience trends.

Composite image showing customers being revealed under a magnifying glass.

media icon

Media Solutions

With decades of experience working with clients in the media industry, Beacon Dodsworth fully understands the challenges that you face, from media planning to increasing circulation.

Map which displays newspaper coverage in Telford

Newspaper coverage over Telford

Other industry icon

Other Solutions

Whatever your industry we have solutions that help analyse your customers and locations, visualise your field force routes and illustrate sales and market potential. From software and data products to customised solutions and demographic and mapping services Beacon Dodsworth has the expertise, experience and tools to help your business.

Portion of map displaying numbers of AB social grade in Leeds

Index of numbers of AB social grade in Leeds

Retail icon

Retail Solutions

Beacon Dodsworth's customer analysis and mapping solutions provide valuable insight into customer habits and market potential. Find more customers, locate new stores and estimate market potential

Map displays postcode sectors with weekly spend on clothing

Weekly household spend on clothing indexed against national average

Transportation and Logistics icon

Transportation and Logistics

Geographic information systems (GIS) play an important role in logistics planning. Mapping, analysis and visualisation tools improve your plans and increase your efficiency.

Driver, van and delivery schedule

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