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Public and private healthcare providers use geodemographics for health planning and analysis

Efficient analysis for healthcare providers

Healthcare providers have to understand the needs of their patients so they can offer improved services. Mapping and geodemographics analysis help recognise local populations and patient behaviours leading to improved planning.

Reporting and special analysis tools assist in tasks such as planning social marketing campaigns and managing sales territories.

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Understand resident populations

Clinical Commissioning Groups (formerly Primary Care Trusts) and health research bodies need to visualise patient flows, referral patterns and areas with high disease incidences.

Prospex, our mapping software is ideally suited to integrating data from disparate sources and formats. Use Prospex to layer your data, monitor trends and plan services with a greater understanding of the characteristics and needs of the local population.

Heat map displays likelihood of population to be 65 or older and a smoker

Likelihood of population to be 65 or older and a smoker

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CCG boundaries

The NHS underwent a major change in 2013 with responsibility for primary care in England moving from Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). We have boundaries for CCGs, updated as mergers take place, as well as the PCTs these replaced.

These can be supplied on their own or with other administrative boundary data. You can use this to understand the relationship between health and social care and drill down to see detailed patterns of need and the structure of communities. Look at the ward and lower super output areas (LSOAs) on the AdminView page.

Map highlights changes from Primary Care Trusts to Clinical Commissioning Groups in the UK

Changes from Primary Care Trusts to Clinical Commissioning Groups

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Assess health needs

Health authorities identify and map the prevalence of health conditions and healthcare inequalities in their areas using a geographic information system such as Prospex and the P² People & Places people classification. Using this information they assess the variation in healthcare needs and tailor their service provision across the local population.

Coverage All Males Females
10 to 15 minute drive 919,855 455,052 464,803
5 to 10 minute drive 629,338 313,653 315,685
5 minute drive 191,245 95,849 95,396
All Hospital areas 1,740,438 864,554 875,884
National 63,182,178 31,028,143 32,154,035

This provides the initial data to drill down to assess more localised accessibility of services.

Map displays 5, 10 and 15 minute drive time catchments around Manchester hospitals

5, 10 and 15 minute drives around Manchester hospitals


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Healthcare and social marketing

Public health authorities need to engage the public with health messages.

The P² people classification is designed to make social marketing campaigns more effective, giving maximum engagement with the target group.

Used with mapping software, P² helps plan the provision of healthcare information to GP waiting rooms and pharmacies.

  NW Region Counts NW Region Percentages
All HH 3,025,535  
A-Affluent Owners 5,428 0
B-Thriving Families 107,777 4
C-Middle England 657,498 22
D-Qualified Metropolitans 1,279 0
E-Professional Families 152,037 5
F-Upland Landowners 8,278 0
G-Celtic Producers 0 0
H-Married Manufacturers 379,134 13
I-New Starters 79,355 3
J-Working Families 743,798 25
K-Multicultural Centres 103,095 3
L-Struggling Singles 149,362 5
M-Weathered Communities 241,749 8
N-Disadvantaged Families 215,235 7
O-Urban Challenge 125,765 4
U-Unclassified 55,745 2

P² geodemographic types in the NW Region

Map displays the household counts of P² classification type J in NW region of UK

Household counts in NW region of P² classification type J

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Plan sales territories

Pharmaceutical companies selling medical products to the health sector need to organise their sales territories efficiently. Prospex GIS is ideally suited for planning territories in order to reach the maximum number of clients in the minimum amount of time.

Prospex GIS map of sales regions based on LCF health insurance weekly spend


Automatically generated sales regions based on LCF health insurance weekly spend

Mileage claim calculator web service

We use TimeTravel drive time data to deliver a web based mileage calculation tool that is used by NHS/SBS employees.

The service has successfully been used since 2011 and makes the mileage calculation process both efficient and accurate.

Learn more about our mileage expense calculator.


Example of a route map York to Harrogate

Example of a route map - York to Harrogate


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