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Find your nearest hotel web functionality, locate new sites, profile customers or plan deliveries

When it comes to the hospitality industry some people value location above everything else. Just one reason why location intelligence could be your key to success.

We can help make location data work for you

Profiling customers and locations improves marketing efficiency. "Where's my nearest?" services for websites improves user experience for potential customers and location analysis places you in the best location for your business to thrive. Accurate drive times help plan travel time whether it's for clients to travel to you or you to travel to them with deliveries such as takeaway.

The hospitality industry is extremely competitive, therefore getting the most out of your advertising budget and your location is vital.

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Customer analysis

Hotels analyse visitor addresses to improve marketing efficiency. Profile your hotel residents using P² People & Places demographics to gain a better understanding of your customers and the best channels for marketing.

An example of a P² People & Places index

Knowing what your current customers are like makes it easier to find new customers of a similar type.

Heat map displays percentage of local visitors to a hotel, meeting travellers from Gatwick

Local visitors to hotel, meeting travellers from Gatwick

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Location Analysis

Your chain of high-end takeaway franchises is expanding. Delivery requirements are very strict: too long a delivery time ruins the quality. New franchise operators need to be located fairly and their delivery areas have to be well-defined. Using Prospex for drive time analysis coupled with capacity planning and demand modelling will help pick and assess new locations that increase the business effectively.

Map displays how modelled sales data is used to visualise estimated performance in new locations

Using modelled sales data to estimate performance in new locations

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Where's my nearest?

Your hotel chain has sites across the UK. Many cities have more than one hotel. Customers browsing on a website want to find the best hotel nearest to where they are visiting. TimeTravel calculates drive times and distances using the underlying road network. The closest hotels to any location are found and listed in order.

Beacon Dodsworth run integrated and standalone web services that calculate the nearest of your hotels to a customer entered location.

Accurate point to point driven distances improve the quality of search results compared to "crow-fly" distances.

Visualisation of hotel locations across the Central Belt in Scotland

Hotel locations across the Central Belt in Scotland

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