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Location analysis, customer profiling and field force management

Whatever your industry we have solutions that help analyse your customers and locations, visualise your field force activities, and illustrate sales and market potential.

From software and data products to customised solutions and demographic and mapping services, Beacon Dodsworth has the expertise, experience and tools to help your business.

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Customer Profiling

Identify customer locations, demographics and spending habits.

Prospex GIS and MapVision online mapping are used to geocode and visualise customer locations. The demographic profile of those locations can be created using P² People & Places. Use lifestyle data to enhance your customer knowledge. Find out where your customers are, what they actually buy from you, and what else they could be interested in.

Simply Argan profile their mail order customers to improve their marketing efficiency.

P² People & Places data mapped with customer locations

Customer locations and their P² People & Places profiles

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Location Analysis

Identify store catchments, locate new stores, manage franchise territories.

Create catchments around your store locations. Use driving times and distances to make realistic store catchments in Prospex GIS. Manage the size of the franchise areas by applying demographic data from the census or P² People & Places. View how and where store areas might overlap to assess where your next store is placed.

Vision Express use Prospex and P² for location analysis and store planning.

Map displays non-overlapping catchment areas around potential store locations

Non overlapping drive time areas around potential store locations

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Demand Modelling

Use customer sales and demographics data to predict performance in existing and future locations.

Find out how effective your existing stores are. Prospex GIS takes the guesswork out of locating new stores. Use your sales data, store catchment profiles or lifestyle survey profiles to create a sales value profile. Apply that sales profile to existing store catchments to measure your performance against an expected modelled performance. Assess the viability of new sites by providing approximate sales values and market penetration percentages.

Using existing sales data and store locations to locate potential store sites.

Map displays count of target customers by postcode sectors

Counts of target customers by postcode sector

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Field Force Management

Organise sale teams, create efficient territories and manage customer visits.

You control and organise field force teams. From organising the correct delivery order for multi-drop drivers to balancing workload; from sheduling calls across locations with varied call lengths and intervals; from fixed appointments to must-see clients, Prospex GIS has a suite of tools to improve your efficiency.  Scheduling is driven from spreadsheet uploads and can be customised and rerun with ease.

Tactical Solutions generate call schedules for over 50 representatives, visiting 1600 retail outlets over the course of 12 weeks.

Map displays example delivery route and visit order

Delivery route and calling order in Essex

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