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Effective planning, efficient processes and reduced waste

Approximately 80% of data contains a geographic element which is the reason why geographic information systems (GIS) play an important role in logistics planning.

Efficient processes will save your business money

Clients in the logistics industry use our mapping software, Prospex, and TimeTravel, our drive time matrix, for a variety of planning tasks including:

  • Territory analysis
  • Visit scheduling
  • Route planning
  • Calculating driving/delivery costs
  • Organising door to door delivery rounds

Visualising and analysing business data alongside geographic data highlights patterns, trends and relationships. The insight can be used to enhance planning capability and design efficient processes.

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Schedule and plan distribution visits

Field teams need to know which clients to visit, how often, and in what order. The suite of scheduling and routing tools in Prospex sequences and schedules visits across single or multiple days for one or more reps, seeing clients with varied call frequencies and durations. The best order to make deliveries and the shortest or fastest route between each delivery point is calculated, accounting for road speeds and other conditions.

Prospex scheduling tool organises the calls to make sure each client is visited at the appropriate time. Once the calls for the day are identified, the routing wizard will order the visits into the best possible route.

Tactical Solutions use Prospex to schedule visits across the UK.

Map displays distribution route for a delivery round in the Trent valley

Distribution route for a delivery round in the Trent valley

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Schedule local canvassing and distribution

Newspaper and leaflet distribution companies link Prospex with their customer database to schedule efficient delivery rounds using the most detailed street level mapping data, providing them with a clear route for each canvasser.

The software will automatically generate rounds for deliveries. Generated rounds can be edited to reflect delivery preferences and local knowledge.

Map displays locations for 5 different delivery rounds on a detailed road network

Prospex calculates efficient local delivery rounds based on postcode and detailed road networks

Transportation and logistics solutions

Analyse territories and plan delivery areas

Maximise the number of deliveries and minimise time on the road using the territory analysis module in our mapping software, Prospex.

Map displays overlapping 3 hour drive times from different locations

Drive time analysis leads to improved efficiency. The larger map opposite has 3 hour non-overlapping drive time areas. The smaller map shows overlapping 3 hour drives. Changing to overlapping drive times illustrates that the central distribution depot can be withdrawn with no real loss of coverage.

Using Prospex to plan delivery areas for over 200 stores.

Map displays non-overlapping 3 hour HGV drives from 4 distribution centres

Non-overlapping 3 hour HGV drives from 4 distribution centres


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Cost deliveries

Estimate fuel usage and cost your deliveries before taking on a job. Use our drive time tool, TimeTravel, to see how long it will take to carry out a delivery.

Drive time map displays 10 minute driven isochrones (equal time bands) for delivery costing

10 minute driven isochrones (equal time bands) for delivery costing

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