Prospex Desktop GIS enhances business analysis. Display your data in a geographical context.

Data maps for analysis and presentation, all driven by your spreadsheets and databases.

Import your data

Prospex imports data from spreadsheets, text files and databases.

Perform detailed analysis

Combine your business information, UK demographic data and powerful analysis, planning, and mapping tools to increase your efficiency.

Showcase your plans

High quality maps display your ideas and business data. 

Analyse geographical buying

Use sales data to identify store catchments.

Show customer type

Use demographic data to classify your customers and identify where they live.

Plan your locations

Rate existing locations. Use existing data to plan new locations.

"We use Prospex to understand our customers, whether they shop online or in store. This includes penetration within areas, spend maps and analysis for new and existing stores based on our customer drive-times. With Prospex we can: 

  • Visualise penetration within areas
  • Understand drive-times of customers to decide where to put new stores
  • Visualise customers across all sales channels
  • Understand and calculate cannibalisation and trade transfer between multiple stores
  • Understand customer behaviour when we relocate or close stores.”

Frederick Botfield, Majestic Wine, Property Estates Manager

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