Sales territory mapping and management

Beacon Dodsworth offer a range of tools to create territory maps for your field team; from easy-to-use postcode mapping tools, through to full in-depth territory management and planning using drive time, distance and customer demographic data to make your business as effective as possible.

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Simple, low cost, online mapping

Turn spreadsheet data into maps with MapVision, our web-based mapping system. Create straight-forward sales catchments and plot customer or agent data as points on a map. Easy to use, with no training required and browser based, so no software to install or updates to download. Register for a free trial, then if it works for you, subscribe for as long as you need it. Once you are done, your data will remain available to you in a free read-only account.

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A store catchment map draw in MapVision.

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Territories based on realistic drive times and distances

Our TimeTravel product uses realistic drive times to provide a complete dataset of travel times and distances between any two points within the UK. Unlike abstract “crow-fly” distances, this data relates to actual journey times and distances. It also offers different results based on whether you need to know peak or off-peak travel times. Ferry crossing times are also included in calculations for when you need to cross major waterways within the UK. With this data you can plan the most effective sales territories for each member of your field team.

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Complete territory management

For intelligent sales territory management, we offer Prospex, our full-feature geographic information system (GIS). This software allows you to define territories easily based on existing data, travel distance or time, or even household counts within an area. Prospex can even use the value of your existing clients to ensure that each agent has a balanced client portfolio. These catchments can then be amended and new ones added as your team grows.

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Territory map created by Prospex GIS

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Customer profiling for intelligent targeting

To create the best territories and sales routes, you need to consider the profile of your customers. We offer P² People & Places, our complete demographic profiling dataset which works within Prospex (or any GIS or CRM) to help build a well-rounded picture of your customers. This customer profile can then be matched with census and lifestyle data to identify potential sales hot spots for your team to target.

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Demographic groups plotted on a local map.

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Let us do the work for you

Since 1994, we have been offering geographical intelligence to businesses and we have built up the expertise to help any organisation to work smarter. Our in-house team are available to produce one-off maps or datasets to support your business. Whether it is a simple postcode territory map, a giant wall map for your office, or a full demographic analysis and client portfolio segmentation, we can help as a one-off, fixed cost job.

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Whether you are looking for a simple sales area map, or a complete territory
management solution, we have the tools and expertise to help.

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