Effective territory mapping and management for your sales force or field team


A well-designed sales network can make a massive difference to sales team performance but they need to take account of real-world data. After all, a 10 mile radius means a very different thing in the Scottish Highlands than in central London. Beacon Dodsworth offers a range of tools to utilise geographic and demographic data to make sales territory mapping and sales route planning for your field team simple but effective.

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Real-world drive times and distances

Our TimeTravel product utilises realistic drive times to provide a complete dataset of travel times and distances between any two points within the UK. Unlike abstract “crow-fly” distances, this data relates to actual journey times and distances. It also offers different results based on whether you need to know peak or off-peak travel times and can even calculate travel times specific to HGVs. Ferry crossing times are also included in calculations for when representatives need to cross major waterways within the UK. With this data you can plan the best sales territories for each member of your field team based on realistic travel times.

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Complete territory management

For intelligent territory management, we offer Prospex, our full-feature geographic information system (GIS). This software allows you to easily define and map sales territories. These can be defined simply by travel distance or time, or can also take into account population densities within an area if you want to ensure that your representatives have a minimum target audience size. Prospex can even use the value of existing clients or accounts to define territories that ensure that each rep has a balanced client portfolio. These catchments can easily be amended and new ones added to accommodate a changing sales team. In addition to managing your sales catchments, it can also schedule sales routes based on the most efficient way to reach identified points within the sales area. This allows you to maximise the efficiency of each member of your sales team.

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Case Study

How we helped Tactical Solutions to efficiently plan their field force visits to more than 1,650 retail outlets.

Tactical Solutions call scheduler example

Customer profiling for intelligent targeting

To create the best territories and sales routes, you need to consider the profile of your customers. It is easy for you to import your existing customer database into our Prospex software to map existing customer locations and use them to help define territories for your team. In addition, we offer P² People & Places, a complete demographic profiling data set which works within Prospex (or any GIS) to help build a well-rounded picture of your customer profile. This customer profile can then be matched with census data to identify potential sales hot spots for your team to target.

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One-off jobs to complete solutions

Since 1994, we have been offering geographical intelligence to businesses and we have built up the expertise to help any organisation to work smarter. Our in-house team are available to produce one-off datasets to support your business. Alternatively, our Prospex software is very intuitive and comes with 2 days training each year, if you would like the flexibility and data intelligence of a full function GIS system at your fingertips. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through the solutions we can offer to make your business more effective.

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Case Study

Our work to make Home Fundraising's face-to-face prospecting routes yield more donations whilst avoiding people who do not wish to be approached.

Home Fundraising prospect targeting example



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