An example of a drive time radius map.

Accurate drive times and distances for the UK

It isn’t easy to understand just how long a single journey on UK roads will take; there are so many variables: Which route will you take? What time of day are you travelling? What are the traffic conditions? What kind of vehicle are you driving? When you move beyond a single journey, these variables become maddening. If you are trying to manage the movements of multiple vehicles, your workforce, customers, or a distribution fleet, then how can you ensure that your organisational travel is as efficient as it can be?

Real-world drive times and distances

Our TimeTravel data offers a way for businesses to accurately measure driving distances and times between any area in the UK. It works at a postcode sector level to provide the ideal compromise between accuracy and ease of use. To provide accurate average driving times between two points, TimeTravel factors in the time of day into its calculations. Data can be tailored between HGV specific times, to optimise the movements of your distribution fleet, or car journeys, if you are calculating staff or customer travel. The main UK ferry routes are also included in the data to ensure that journeys across domestic waterways still provide an accurate average journey time.

TimeTravel, a powerful logistics planning tool that can be:

  • Added to your own database or CRM for effective commercial fleet management or intelligent customer targeting.
  • Integrated it into your website to make it easier for your customers to find you, offer accurate delivery costs and improved customer service.
  • Applied to delivery schedules to map the most efficient distribution routes and maximise the effectiveness of your distribution fleet.
  • Used to personalise customer communications and highlight local facilities at their closest outlet to demonstrate the value you offer and improve customer retention.
  • Incorporated into staff expenses systems to allow for quick and accurate calculation and validation of staff journey expenses.

One-off jobs to complete solutions

Since 1994, we have been offering geographical intelligence to businesses and we have built up the expertise to help any organisation to work smarter. Our in-house team are available to produce one-off datasets to support your business or we have a range of pre-configured products that your team can easily learn and will quickly become a valuable asset to your organisation. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk you through the solutions we can offer to make your business more efficient.

For more details visit the TimeTravel product page.