Visualisation of drive distance and time overlayed onto a map.

Accurate drive times and distances for the UK

Our TimeTravel data offers a way for businesses to accurately measure driving distances and times between any area in the UK. This data can be applied to your own database for effective sales force and vehicle fleet management or intelligent customer targeting, or integrated it into your website or customer communications to make it easier for customers to find you.

  • Accurately measure journey distances
    Assess mileage claims based on point-to-point routes generated on demand, making measuring productivity easier and expenses processing more efficient. See how we helped the NHS to save money and improve the efficiency of it's expense processing here.

  • Identify new store locations or franchise areas
    Use time or distance calculations to identify practical areas for a new franchise or store. You could even combine location data with our  People & Places demographic profiling tool to target the most profitable, as well as the closest potential customers. Find out more here.

  • Give your field team a realistic sales territory
    Use TimeTravel data to ensure that your sales team can effectively service an area. If you want a more in-depth analysis and territory management tool consider our full-feature, cost-effective GIS Prospex. See how we helped Tactical Solutions to optimise the time of their field team here.

  • Make it easier for customers to find your nearest outlet?
    Help your customers to find their closest store, dealership or service centre, making it easier for them to buy from you and stay with you. See how we helped a major hotel chain to create an interactive hotel finder for its customers here.

See how TimeTravel drive time data can help you
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