Geographical data products

People, places and mobility. Understanding the who's, where's and how's

Produce informative and insightful analysis that supports business intelligence with our range of map, road network, population and geodemographic datasets.

Add our geographical data products to enhance your GIS or database systems

  • Point data (e.g. postcodes)
  • Boundary data (postcode or administrative)
  • Network data (e.g. roads)
  • Raster data (e.g. atlas style backgrounds)
  • Geodemographic data - who lives where

We incorporate the best available mapping and demographic data into our suite of data products; providing businesses with accurate data analysis and presentation


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Demographic Data Icon

Demographics, Census and Lifestyle data

Datasets from the latest census, lifestyle data from the Living Costs and Food survey and the British Population Survey, plus our own geodemographic classification P² People & Places.

Segmented map displaying demographic data from census 2011

Age data from the 2011 census

Drive time data icon

Drive time and distance

Compiled from OS road data and ONS postcodes a dataset of sector to sector driven times and distances. With peak, off-peak and HGV speed calculations, our drive time data product is available to cover all of the UK.

Swindon drive time bands 5,10 and 15 minutes

Swindon drive time bands: 5, 10 and 15 minutes

Mapping data icon

Geographical Map data

All the data you need to add administrative or postal boundaries to your GIS, to geocode your postcode data, or to draw maps for the UK and beyond.

Collins background mapping and  ONS boundary data

Collins background mapping and ONS boundary data