Demographic data

Geodemographic, Census and lifestyle surveys based on postcode and administrative geography

Demographic data will enhance your understanding of customers and add valuable insight to your analysis. 

Location intelligence delivers a wide range of opportunities

Take expenditure and income data from lifestyle surveys to measure store performance and market penetration. Classify your customers against our demographic profile to see how they match your ideal customer. Combine your sales data with our demographics to create demand models and help visualise market penetration. 

Use the latest census and population figures to see where you should target your efforts whether it's for store locations, aligning resources or marketing campaigns.


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Census 2011

The Census is the only mandatory comprehensive survey describing the UK population. The subjects covered by the census are wide ranging from age, sex, and ethnicity to housing type and tenure to occupation, commuting methods and social grade. The most detailed datasets available on administrative and postcode geographies.

Front page of census questionnaire

Comprehensive survey data for all the UK

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Lifestyle Survey Data

Britain, and its population, is changing at a faster pace than ever before. Having the most current and robust data available is vital to social, financial and commercial decision making.

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Lifestyle survey data from ONS and the BPS

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P² People & Places

Built from Census and lifestyle data, P² People & Places is a comprehensive cost effective geodemographic classification that categorises and describes the behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles of people living in the UK.

Image from our website P² People & Places, the cost-effective geodemographic classification

P² People & Places, cost effective geodemographics

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