What is P²?

P² People & Places is a UK demographic classification

P² People & Places geodemographic classification is an in-depth study of people and locations. It contains accurate and detailed descriptions of UK consumers and the areas where they live. Public and private sector organisations use P² to profile, segment and target UK consumers.

Geodemographic classifications are based on three simple principles:
  1. People who live in the same location are much more likely to have similarities than two people picked at random from different areas
  2. Locations are classified according to the characteristics of the people that live there
  3. Locations will be assigned the same classification if they contain similar types of people, even if they are situated miles apart
Categorising the UK population

Geodemographic classifications use data from public or private sector sources to categorise people. Information about UK consumers is then presented in the form of demographic types. Think of geo as the places and demographic as the people.

P² geodemographic classification is structured as Trees and Branches. 16 Trees deliver broad descriptions of UK consumers, and 44 Branches provide opportunity for precise and detailed segmentation. includes the following types of variable:

    • Demographic data: Age, ethnicity and country of birth
    • Household data: Family type, size and living arrangements
    • Housing characteristics: Tenure, type and size of home plus quality of housing such as overcrowding or lack of central heating
    • Socio-economic factors: Education, car ownership, commuting and health
    • Employment: Status, level of activity and type of employment
    • Economic activity: Employed, self-employed or unemployed, industry, grade, full or part time


Examples of classified postcodes


Postcode YO8 3RG

A rural location classified at Tree level as C: Middle England. This location is described as having:

  • Rural, established families in detached and semi-detached houses. Well-qualified managers and commuters with some agricultural workers, enjoying a social life and varied holidays

Branches describe in more detail the constituents of the Tree. The Branch level classification is C08: Owner Couples and the neighbourhood is described as:

  • Rural families in large houses, working locally in agriculture and the service sector


Postcode N17 0AB

The Tree classification for this inner city location is K: Multicultural. The neighbourhood is described as:

  • Younger families from many backgrounds, both recent and long-established immigrants. Renting high-density overcrowded flats, bedsits and terraces. Working in hospitality and service low-skilled jobs reached by bus or train

At Branch level this area is classified as K41: African/Caribbean Families and has a more specific description of:

  • Single households with lone parents, many of African/Caribbean origin, and recent immigrants, often in flats and bedsits
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