Why use P²?

Focus on the people that matter with P² People & Places geodemographic classification

More than 64 million people live in the UK which makes finding and communicating with a target market a real challenge. The key to success is being able to identify different types of people and recognise what is important to them.

P² is packed full of knowledge and experience, so users develop a deep understanding of UK consumers and their neighbourhoods. Use P² in business and marketing processes to focus on the right types of people for your products and services to develop profitable relationships.

Here are examples of how our existing clients use P² demographic data:

  • Identifying target markets
  • Understanding market potential for all products and services
  • Segmenting customer databases
  • Profiling and understanding customer lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes
  • Personalising communications to improve engagement, drive brand recognition and increase customer loyalty
  • Analysing existing customer data to identify potential new customers
  • Finding the ideal locations for new stores, franchises and service centres

Whatever types of products or services you offer P² demographic data will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes. It has been built using Census 2011 data, with additional information from BPS and LCF to provide accurate, consistent and well-rounded descriptions.

Broad brush to fine pencil

P² is provided with two levels of detail. It splits the population into 16 categories (Trees) which provide a broad analysis and are easy to understand. When more differentiation is required we have split the Tree data into 44 Branches. Most people will identify areas of interest using Tree level data and then examine the Branch breakdown more thoroughly. The Trees and Branches describe people’s lifestyles and key characteristics (attitudes and behaviours).

Location based data can also be assessed using P² as it is available using postcode and administrative geographies. The P² geodemographic classification is a cost-effective solution used by public and private sector organisations as part of marketing, strategic planning and service delivery.

P² can be used as a standalone dataset or within Prospex, our Geographical Information System, for further mapping and analysis opportunities. We can also integrate P² data with other software to provide a robust demographic data solution.

Customer insight developed using P² is consistent and relevant across all channels and types of media. It will enable you to start treating all customers as individuals.

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