P² People & Places Geodemographic Classification

Connect with the right types of people using our cost-effective geodemographic classification

P² People & Places (P²) is a comprehensive geodemographic classification from Beacon Dodsworth. It describes the different types of people that live in the UK and is available using postcode or administrative geography to fulfill both public and private sector requirements.

Built using Census and lifestyle data, P² categorises the UK population and describes people’s behaviours, attitudes and lifestyles

P² covers a wide range of topics such as: 

 Background  Location  Housing  Employment  Transport  Leisure  Spending  Health

P² is used by businesses from a wide range of industries to:

  • Identify target markets
  • Profile customer databases
  • Improve service delivery
  • Reduce waste in business processes
  • Increase the effectiveness of marketing communications
  • Find new store locations
  • Understand the needs of people in different areas

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To unlock the potential in your customer data all we need is a simple postcode list.

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"P² People & Places has not only helped us to expand our store portfolio, but has also enabled us to use our marketing budget more effectively by gaining a greater understanding of our customers and prospects and creating tailored marketing campaigns, specific to each store profile."

David Hart. Supply Chain Director, Vision Express.

"P² People & Places has enabled us to improve the effectiveness of our targeted campaigns and provided us valuable insight into how other prospective SmartWater services would be received. The service provided was fast, efficient and hugely cost effective for our business."

Richard Harris. Director of Technical Services, SmartWater Technology Ltd.