Creating a new map with local points of interest.

Create clear, intuitive data maps with MapVision

MapVision was designed to be used by those with little or no previous experience of GIS systems. As such it is easy to dive in to a new project with no formal training whilst the web-based interface means that there is no software install. Just register, log in and get started…

Create something new or import existing data

Excel and Comma Separated (CSV) data files can be imported directly into MapVision as well as existing GIS projects such as POD files from Prospex desktop GIS. This means that data in the most common formats can be imported to MapVision and presented in a geographical context. If you prefer, you can start from scratch and define your data from a map view within MapVision, whether that is defining a point set to represent your store network, or creating territories with a certain radius from your current sales team.

Layout your project for ease of analysis

Although web-based, MapVision supports in-depth GIS mapping projects. You can create multiple layers of data, which can easily be turned off and on to assist with analysis or to match the requirements of a particular audience. These different layers of data are stored in a hierarchy within the project library and saved for later use. So you can log in to MapVision from another location and work on your project, or allow others to do the same to help fine-tune your dataset.

Function with form

MapVision’s core strength is its presentation tools. It can accommodate data from a number of sources, in a variety of formats, and present it in a professional and accessible way for any audience.

You can set styles for your map, change colours of catchments and point sets to match your brand colours or to create heat maps based on your imported attribute data. Include annotations with full control over font and use custom icons to mark your map points. If you encounter any problems, MapVision is supported by an online help guide and you have real-time access to one of our experts through webchat.

Once you are happy with the look and feel, your project is available in MapVision, which can be accessed via the web or downloaded as an image or for print. You can now tailor, analyse and explore your data using the MapVision data interrogation tools or share it with others.

Import and explore your own data in MapVision

  • No software to install
  • No training necessary
  • No financial details required